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Panorama settings: 'without masks' changed to 'without feather' Bug fix: at large zoom settings, control points could not be placed at the right or bottom side of the images Bug fix: preview did not work for projects with multi-image tiff output Fixed optimization bug when individual parameters were used for the first image in a project Fixed display bug in Optimizer Tab Version 3. Here are the list of changes: -Most of the late game bosses have been buffed with more armies and spells. Improved 'Delete Worst Control Points'. New 'detail viewer', enabled by clicking on the magnification glass button in the panorama editor.

Fixed: levelling a panorama would not work perfectly if the project contains viewpoint corrected images. Previously the two images were placed at the left and right hand side of the equirectangular image. Microsoft Security Essentials Definition Updates New Free Download 2020 Version history. Version Fixed: GPS altitude in the metadata would be incorrectly set to Above Sea Level, if the actual value is below sea level.

Windows: if a progress window is being shown 'please wait Previously PTGui would leave unfinished corrupt files, potentially causing other applications to crash if they attempted to load the corrupt file. Now supports transparency and 16 1.5.

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I can't update it for later versions, I am no longer active into Heroes. This is the method used by the Panotools optimizer.

The OpenEXR library Downlosd been updated to v2. Fix: Mac: Previewing a panorama would open a Obsixium Obsidium 1.5.3 [Latest] 2020 Free Download of the configured preview application even it was already running Preview images now always have a unique file name; this fixes the problem in particular on mac of the 15.3 application not updating the image when multiple previews are viewed in sequence Any generated preview images are deleted when closing PTGui New version of dcraw included, this a.

Now relative paths are used when the source image is in any folder but in Windows restricted to the same drive. Support QooCam8K files. Fix: Mac OS By knowing the lens projection, the cropping circle is set more accurately and more control points will be found. Connect with us. This cause the batch stitcher to abort Downlowd with "Error: The dimensions of this image are different from the image dimensions recorded in the project file.

Heroes 3 - hints page 3. If enabled, the project file will be deleted as soon as the panorama has been stitched. Fixed: Importing a PTGui 10 project containing individual lens parameters circular fisheye would result in the wrong lens parameters being assigned Fixed: Under some circumstances, straight lines near the center of a wide angle fisheye image could become curved Fixed: Fill Yaw right click in Image Parameters table didn't function correctly Fixed: Batch Builder: if the 'one subfolder per camera' configuration was used, the images in the generated projects would be sorted by the file names. When opening a project or adding new images, PTGui first reads any embedded thumbnail from the images. Heroes 6 VI - Maps.

Thus the reported quality of optimization Frse longer depends on the configured panorama size. This is still the default but this behaviour can be disabled by Obsidijm 'autorotatetohorizon: false' to the viewer options in the html source. PTGui now checks upon startup whether the configured temporary folders exist and can be written to; it will warn if there is a problem. This has been solved. Previously multiple copies were launched when blending the blend planes of HDR panoramas on multi core machines Sony.

Meet QooCam 8K, the smallest 8K camera in the world that extends your creativity even further. Add SuperHDR shooting mode. Fix some bugs. 3RVX 3 8 Download Activation Number Can't able to capture any castle - Qin the Supreme - Heroes 3 map. Hi, this maps seem can't playable with Heroes 3 Complete. Because I can't landing my boat to capture 'Qiu' Conflux castle ; or water walking to get black tent!

Fixed: Windows: crash if the drive containing temporary files is disconnected while PTGui is running e. This Osbidium no longer required when using the new 'level in second pass' setting. PTGui Pro: new masking feature. Previously it would choose a random center point. The options 'For print' and 'For web' have been removed. The contents of the metadata dialog box has been moved to a new Metadata tab in the main window.

For details see LibRaw snapshot.:

  • Windows: if a progress window is being shown 'please wait
  • The command does not return until stitching has finished, so this makes it easy to include PTGui as part of a larger batch process.
  • It will now use the language selected in Preferred Languages in Region and Language.
  • Image Parameters tab: ability to set the values for multiple images simultaneously.
  • You can for example tell PTGui Pro not to choose a suitable projection and field of view, but instead keep the current project settings.
  • For templates used by the Batch Builder this setting controls whether the lens settings are taken from the template or from the EXIF data.
  • Multiple images can be dragged at once.
  • Image Parameters tab: 'Fill Yaw' function allows to set incrementing yaw values for a range of images.
  • Fixed: Olympus ED mm lens was recognized as fisheye instead of rectilinear.

Obsidium 1.5.3 [Latest] 2020 Free Download

You can even create your own Street View. Publish to Website: if Resolution is set to Automatic the output is now limited to 60 megapixels. Fix: for spherical panoramas the blended panorama had a slightly reduced contrast compared to the source images Fix: Mac: for images with individual lens parameters, changing the lens type in the Image Parameters tab was not possible. Very easy! Download Section.

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