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Mailing list. Maintainer: Fr. Maintainer: Yuri N. Group: Graphics Summary: shared resources for use by creative applications Changes: - color swatches files only.

Changes: - Initial build. Additionally, bitwise and numeric operations can be performed on the main value also of arbitrary size.

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Organise your ideas, notes, facts in a hierarchy Changes: - new version 2. Fee Windows shortcuts Group: Text tools Summary: French-English Dictionary: dictd format Changes: - temporarily disabled building of stardict dictionaries - initial build for Alt Linux. Services Business VoIP. Changes: - The conversion of PDF to image has never been easier task, but with pdf2img you have the opportunity to do this with a single Latwst click.

And thats a torture. Changes: - new version 0.

Software Development. Maintainer: Igor Vlasenko Group: File tools Summary: Csync2 is a cluster synchronization tool Changes: - fix action commands execution. Software Development. Calibre supports organizing existing e-books into virtual libraries, displaying, editing, creating and converting e-books, as well as syncing e-books with a variety of e-readers. Improve your productivity and user experience with Open Shell, a Windows start menu alternative for Windows

Feel free to test on other versions too Can create ISO files Supports mounting of ISO files Lateat program is protected by the copyright law and no part of it may be reproduced without written permission! Safe Exam Browser is a webbrowser-environment to carry out online-exams safely. The software changes any computer into a secure workstation. DVD Rip Factory Download Latest Dlwnload Up No, Thank you. With this Java application values of arbitrary length can be converted between Dec, Hex and Bin number base. Maintainer: Repocop Q.

Group: File tools Summary: A file manager with a full-screen user interface Changes: - 4. It protects a Lwtest from accidentally overwriting hard-drives by making drive selection obvious; and with validated flashing there is no more writing images to corrupted drives. Maintainer: Ildar Mulyukov Group: Shells Summary: bash-completion offers programmable completion for bash Changes: - patches section typo fix.

Index of /pub/distributions/ALTLinux/Sisyphus/x86_64/megagvozd.ruc/

Changes: - rebuild with libldap2. Freshness Freshness Recently updated Operations Management. Changes: - new version.

  • Group: Sound Summary: Media player which uses a skinned interface Changes: - new version 2.

Group: File tools Summary: The fileschanged utility reports when files have been altered Changes: - fix build. Help Create Join Login.

ALT Linux Sisyphus - SRPM transfers

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Group: Text tools Summary: Recover files by "carving" them from a raw disk Changes: - new version 1. Group: Communications Summary: Work with storage memory of Siemens mobiles via datacable Changes: - rebuild with new fuse - remove dependency to fuse version. Group: Sound Summary: An audio converter, a ripper, an encoder, a tag editor and a cd player Changes: - new version 0. X You seem to have CSS turned off. Upload screenshot of ad required :. Sources were in ganttproject.

Changes: - resurrected from orphaned. Changes: - ODS is readable by Excel and newer. Group: Monitoring Summary: A program for benchmarking hard drives and filesystems Changes: - 1. Changes: - fixed crash on -l 0 command Downlkad param.

Group: Shells Summary: lockf bash builtin Changes: - Fixed typo in the help output. Levin Group: Publishing Summary: Shell scripts for Bin2Is DocBook Downloadd Changes: - updated buildreqs - fix subdirectories packaging violation. This can be immensely useful while you're on the go or just need access to an OS for a temporary, isolated reason.

And you can choose if you want it to create RAW packets instead of using Windows icmp. Comment Bin2Iso 1.0 2020 Latest Free Download. Group: Sound Summary: An audio converter, a ripper, an encoder, a tag editor and a cd player Changes: - new version 0.

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